NEW!! Labradorite Crystal Coffin
NEW!! Labradorite Crystal Coffin
Aura Hygiene

NEW!! Labradorite Crystal Coffin

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Labradorite is a unique crystal that stands out from others due to the gorgeous flashes of colors found in this beautiful stone. It can come in a variety of hues but it’s flashes can range from a stunning blue to a rich coffee color in various lighting.

Labradorite Healing Crystal Benefits & Properties

  • Increases Psychic Abilities
  • Strengthens Intuition
  • Aura Protection
  • Repels Negative Energy
  • Opens the Mind to New Possibilities

Origin: Canada, Finland, Russia, Australia, Mexico, United States and Madagascar

Chakras: Crown, Throat, and the Third Eye

Birthstone Zodiac: Leo ♌, Cancer ♋, Sagittarius ♐

*Each Crystal may vary in Size, Color, and Patterns since these are Natural Crystals and no two are alike.  

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