Mahogany Obsidian Pocket Moon
Mahogany Obsidian Pocket Moon
Aura Hygiene

Mahogany Obsidian Pocket Moon

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Mahogany Obsidian Healing Properties and Benefits

Very Grounding and Protective Stone

Helps Relieve Tension

Aids in Making Decisions

Cleanses and Purifies

Helps Focus on Things you take for Granted

Stone of Strength

Origin: Obsidian can be found anywhere volcanic activity has occurred. Most common areas include South America, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, and parts of the United States.

Chakras: Root/Base, Sacral

Birthstone Zodiac: Libra ♎ , Sagittarius ♐

*Each Crystal may vary in Size, Color, and Patterns since these are Natural Crystals and no two are alike  

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