NEW!! Kiwi Jasper Acorn Carving
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NEW!! Kiwi Jasper Acorn Carving

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 1 Kiwi Jasper Acorn Carving

Recently Discovered in 2014, Kiwi Jasper is also called Sesame Jasper. The Kiwi Jasper usually refers to the light green variety of this stone while Sesame Jasper better describes the white or lighter colored form of this mineral.

Kiwi Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

  • Excellent Nurturing Stone
  • Helps with Dream Recall
  • Absorbs Negative Energies 
  • Cleanses and Aligns Your Chakras
  • Connects you to the Unconditional Love from the Universe
  • Helps Align Our Physical, Emotional & Mental Bodies

Origin: New Zealand 

Chakras: Root/Base & Heart 

Birthstone Zodiac: Sagittarius ♐, Leo ♌, Aries ♈

*Each Crystal may vary in Size, Color, and Patterns since these are Natural Crystals and no two are alike

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