NEW!! Tiger's Eye Phoenix Pendant
NEW!! Tiger's Eye Phoenix Pendant
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NEW!! Tiger's Eye Phoenix Pendant

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1 Tiger's Eye Phoenix Pendant and Chain 

The writers of  "The Eye of The Tiger" had good reason to name a song about persistence & endurance after such a fierce stone. (We don't actually know why it was named that, but it definitely seems to fit)

Tiger's Eye Benefits & Healing Properties

  • Promotes One's Willpower
  • Carrier of a "Warrior's Spirit"
  • Aids With Self-motivation
  • Hones in One's Personal Power
  • Increases Dedication & Protects

Origin: South Africa, Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia and the United States

Chakras: Sacral Chakra

Birthstone Zodiac: Gemini ♊


*Each Crystal may vary in Size, Color, and Patterns since these are Natural Crystals and no two are alike.

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