Tiger's Eye Mood Worry Beads
Tiger's Eye Mood Worry Beads
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Tiger's Eye Mood Worry Beads

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1 Set of Tiger's Eye Mood Worry Beads

The writers of  "The Eye of The Tiger" had good reason to name a song about persistence & endurance after such a fierce stone. (We don't actually know why it was named that, but it definitely seems to fit)

*Not to be worn as a bracelet


What are "Empathy Beads"?

Strongly influenced and Inspired by the traditional worry beads
used by Gurus & Yogis and a popular souvenir for tourists visiting destinations like India.

Empathy Beads follow the same basic concept yet, the difference is that
I don't want to worry anymore, I want to make Empathy relevant again.
I want a conversation about it, to remind oneself what it's like to walk a mile or 10 in someone else's shoes

In today's day and age it's easy to get catch up in the monotony of life, and fall away from your humanity. We as people are falling apart. We are so quick to judge others without reflecting on ourselves.

Carry them in your pocket or purse, have them close for those moments when you don't know what to do with your hands.

Extremely Powerful and Beneficial when used during a meditation session, or when you just need a little confidence boost.
When you hold our Empathy Beads, be reminded that you're not alone and that someone out there understands.

Handmade with love and understanding.

Tiger's Eye Benefits & Healing Properties

  • Promotes One's Willpower
  • Carrier of a "Warrior's Spirit"
  • Aids With Self-motivation
  • Promotes Mental Clarity
  • Increases Dedication & Protects

Origin: South Africa, Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia and the United States

Chakras: Sacral 

Birthstone Zodiac: Gemini ♊, Capricorn ♑, Leo ♌


    Mood Bead Meanings:

    • Dark Blue- Worthy
    • Teal- Inspired
    • Green- Determined
    • Yellow- Understanding
    • Orange- Courageous
    • Red- Enlightened
    • Black- Powerful


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